Purpose and Goal

  • Our purpose and goal are to read and critique members’ writing submissions.
  • We meet on the second Saturday of the month, 2:30-5:00. If the second Saturday is a long weekend, the meeting moves to the third Saturday.
  • All genres are welcome; revisions can be resubmitted.
  • The maximum number of members is ten.
  • We have a rotating chair. It is the chair’s responsibility to:
    • Send out an email on the first Saturday of the month reminding members that submissions are due
    • Determine quorum (3 submissions and 4 attendees).
    • Chair the meeting: ensures that it starts on time and all submissions are critiqued within the allotted time; ensures that members follow the workshop critique rules and keeps the meeting focused
    • Write a blog entry of 250 words or less for our website within one week of chairing the meeting
    • All members are expected to submit work or be working on something that can be shared at a later date.
  • Members should let the chair know if they cannot attend a meeting. They have the option to provide feedback via email or at a future meeting. If unable to attend, they are under no obligation to provide feedback.
  • Submissions should be 20 pages or under and follow a standard format (double-spaced, pages numbered) using Microsoft Word.
  • Members are expected to follow rules, be honest in their critiques and respectful at all times.
  • Members share resources and information related to writing throughout the month.

Workshop Rules


  • Begins with a positive statement and maintains a friendly tone
  • Deals with the submission on all levels (plot, language, characterization, dialogue, structure, organization, etc.)
  • Offers suggestions for revisions or possible expansion
  • Suggests possible ways to improve a submission
  • Balances positive and negative feedback
  • Provides a paper or email copy of his or her review to the author


  • Remains silent as submission is being workshopped
  • Asks and answers questions after the critique is finished

The Critique Process

  • The chair determines the order in which submissions are critiqued and keeps the group on task
  • Review is in turn and without interruption from others unless the chair allows a general discussion of a particular point
  • All members remain respectful and professional and respect others’ time


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